Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cooking Pans

By Tiffany Slater

Stainless steel cooking pans revolutionized the cooking world, replacing cooper, aluminum, and iron materials, as the primary source of pots and pans. These older materials had either one of two drawbacks, they made the cookware very expensive, or very heavy.

This new innovative stainless steel cookware, made cooking pans increasingly affordable as well as lighter. The drawback to stainless steel is its poor ability to conduct heat, as a result most of these cooking pans are lined or laced with aluminum or copper, which increases its ability to conduct heat.

Tri-Ply Cooking Pans- Tri-Ply is definitely one of the most popular and most common forms of cookware. These Cooking Pans include two outer layers of stainless steel with an inner layer composed of aluminum, the aluminum is the true heat conductor.

The absolute best quality of this brand of cookware is called 18/10. There is also 18/0 and 18/8 as well. These former two are of significant lower quality than the 18/10. As a result of the effort that goes into constructing these items their prices is significantly higher that that of other Cooking Pans. 18/10 will and can last a lifetime.

Another variation of tri-ply Cooking Pans is made with three types of materials: stainless steel, aluminum and copper. The difference between the first rendition of tri-ply and this rendition is the copper is laminated on the outer bottom of the pots and pans to help conduct heat. The aluminum is in the middle and the stainless steel covers the outer layers to complete the creation. This variation of cooking pans is better for your stove because of the insulating properties contained in the copper.

Waterless cooking pans are yet another important set of cookware. Waterless cooking pans are constructed, by creating the interior layer out of iron, the iron acts as an excellent heat conductor, as well as instilling the insulating properties that your cooking pans need.

When you decide its time to purchase a new set of cooking pots and pans for your kitchen, make sure you take the time to fully research the product you are planning on buying. The manufacturer itself may truly be quite popular but knowing what materials are used in the creation of these products is definitely just as important as finding an excellent quality name brand to back them.

Waterless cookware is rapidly taking a dominate place over the cooking pans industry. With its unique combination of layers. Replace those old, Teflon pots and pans and serve healthier and safer foods for your family today.

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