Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foods High in Potassium

By Daniel Jackson

Before we get into the part where we discuss ways to increase your potassium intake, we need to talk about why you should. A lack or shortage of potassium can negatively impact your heart, cellular process and your body as a whole. Simply put your body cannot function without it.

With the importance potassium out of the way now, lets get down to how best to increase your intake.

1. Nuts and seeds have very high concentration of potassium so eat as much nuts as you can, that should give you a good dose to last you for the day.

2. If you do not like nuts or have some form of an allergy, the next best source is from cereal. Bran flakes would be an ideal method of getting some much needed potassium into your system.

3. Eat some muesli and you wont have to eat the nuts or seeds and you can definitely avoid the bran flakes.

4. You could even have a handful or so of dried fruits between breakfast and lunch. This will get some potassium in and keep you snacked up between meals.

5. Mixing dried fruits into any salads you eat could also be an option in terms of adding potassium to your diet.

6. Raisins have great potassium as well, try including some in your food or just nibble on some when you have the time.

7. Do you like baked potatoes? Then youre in luck, they are very high in potassium content and a single baked potato will go a long way in terms of your daily intake. This does not mean that you should be mixing with anything else like sour cream or cheese etc. Just the baked potato.

8. Boiled plantains will also do the trick, though i dont know if it will taste any good.

9. Whole wheat pasta and tomatoes are another great source of potassium.

10. If you like sardines then thats yet another option.

This should be all the motivation you need to start addressing any potential potassium deficiency. Know that one in every five people in america suffer from it which could easily be rectified.

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