Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Green Show at Pennsylvania

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Center Valley has a unique offering for all its residents this year. It is once again time to bond and gather together for the Green Show Affair! The Green show Affair is an annual event that caters for the promotion of Earth Day and environmental care and significance. Green Show this year has several unique offerings that would not only excite the spectators but contribute more to their advocacies as well. 2009 is indeed the year where the Earth Day celebrations are more visible and more people are focused in making the event a success.

These bands are not just any band but those who are personally handpicked by the organizers because of their unique contributions to the environment. They will sing their newest records which include Song of the Environment and taking care of Mother Earth.The Green Shows includes a lot of offerings and one of them is the Green Music Nights. This event features local bands and artists of the music scene of Center Valley, all gathered to share their talents and join in the festivity.

The event will also feature several talented artists that will share their talents in the field of Fine Arts. In the event, galleries will be put up in different medium such as watercolor, acrylic and oil- all artworks depicting planet care.

Moms and Dads will gain a lot of knowledge by attending the "Green is IN" seminar which features healthy options of living green within the family. Kids have a place to for the Green Show. They can attend the free art classes and partake in the instructors' lessons on making great looking artworks. There will be bazaars that feature recycled materials for everyone to enjoy.

Come at the Green Show at Center Valley and be IN!

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