Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cooking with Various Pans

By Galendalyn Rosenbaum

A well seasoned and cured cooking pan will ensure cooking is more fun, faster to clean, and it will craft tastier food. Nothing is more frustrating than cooking a delicious meal only to have it stick to the cooking pan. There is a saying in the cooking business; Hot pan " Cold Oil.

What this is telling you is never to put oil into a cold pan and then heat it. You should heat up the pan, then add your oil, and immediately place your food into the pan. If you follow this order you can be sure you will experience far less sticking. If you have seasoned your pan before cooking with it the results are far superior.

Stainless Steel Cooking Pans - Unfortunately stainless steel is unable to be seasoned since the metal is too hard. Personally I do not know of any restaurants that are using stainless steel pans for this reason. Stainless steel is excellent for storing food since your food will not taste like the metal, however they are terrible for cooking. My advice would be to avoid stainless steel cooking pans.

Aluminum - Before using aluminum pans make sure that you wash the pan with soap and water using a sponge or cloth. You should rinse and dry off the pan completely. Next you want to heat up the pan until it is hot and place two ounce of oil inside of it. Swirl the oil around inside of the pan until you get a nice thin coating, now let the pan cool. You should now remove the oil and repeat these steps one more time. At this point, never again use soap to clean the pan. When it needs to be washed, simply use warm water and dry paper towels, if some of the food happens to stick, that is fine, simply grab a paper towel and wipe it out carefully.

Adding this extra effort to season your new cooking pans, will offer you much more amazing cooking results, while also increasing the life of your pans. I recommend spending that little extra to purchase quality pans and then make sure that you take care of them. In the long term you will be much more pleased with your investment.

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