Sunday, June 7, 2009

Five Reasons You Should Give a Meal Prep Kitchen a Try

By Fran Valle

Have you used a meal prep kitchen yet? The past decade has seen meal prep kitchens opening up throughout the US bringing a new way of cooking to the busy American family. Meal prep kitchens, also referred to as meal assembly kitchens and meal assembly studios are a remarkable balance between the comfort and nutrition of home-cooked meals and the convenience, efficiency and affordability of fast food.

In just an hour or two at a meal prep kitchen, you can put together all of the ingredients you need to make enough dinners for up to a month. These great tasting and healthy meal kits can then be frozen or cooked right away when you get home. There are five main reasons why people are falling in love with these facilities.

1. These Meals Are a Great Way to Save Time

Through preparing the meals ahead of time and just needing to throw them in the oven you save a great deal of time. However, for those that don't even have the time to do this, most meal assembly facilities also have the option of picking up already assembled meals. Some will even deliver the meals once they are assembled. Most offer the option of choosing your meals and whether or not to assemble them online and let you arrange a time for pick up.

The meals that you get through this process are much healthier than fast food, and many times they are actually cheaper as well. It is a great alternative to boring and unhealthy fast food meals, which can get old pretty fast.

2. Easy and Convenient To Make Happen

Because the professionals at meal prep kitchens do all the shopping, chopping, and prep work, all you need to do is use the equipment in front of you to measure out and add the pre-prepped ingredients on the recipe cards into containers the right size for your family. No prep or cleanup is required of you, so you can be in and out in no time with all your meals.

3. Virtually Endless Variety

If you are tired of always eating the same things over and over, these kitchens give you a great chance to try new things. Each month they offer a variety of new options, while still saving the old favorites that everyone loves. You can choose to get something different each time, or stick to the things you like the best. You can even get meals that have been removed from the menu if you ask at some locations.

4. Family Friendly to the Max

You've heard the term "family friendly" when discussing restaurant experiences or entertainment venues, but have you ever heard the term "Family Magnetic?"

Research shows that it is best for families to eat together at least once a day, so meal prep kitchens are trying to make this as easy as possible to do. Kids can help to get your meals assembled, which will be fun for them as well as make them excited about eating the final product.

You don't have to stick exactly to the recipes either, you can adjust them to suit your families likes and dislikes and the size of your family. Small families can split the meals up into smaller portions.

Great family memories are usually created around the dinner table, so make this easy and affordable through the use of these pre-assembled dinners. You can determine the number that you need each month based on your schedules.

5. More Enjoyable Vacations

You can make your vacation even more enjoyable by bringing along some of your favorite prepackaged meals to heat up so you won't have to worry about what's for dinner.


A meal prep kitchen can be your ultimate secret partner in helping you rapidly get healthy, tasty dinners on the table for you and your family. We call it meal prep, but you'll call it the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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