Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Espresso Cups: Quick Guide for Coffee Lovers

By Molly Peterson

Are you a loyal coffee lover? What better way to energize yourself every morning than sipping a cup of coffee. Coffee has the power to boost your mood and make yourself active the entire day, thanks to its unique aroma and taste. Besides the quality and kind of coffee you're drinking, the kind of cup you're using can make your coffee experience even better. If you like drinks with strong flavors such as espresso, then you'll enjoy it all the more if you drink it in espresso cups.

Also called demitasse cup, a cup made for espresso is a miniature one with a capacity of two to three ounces-perfect for holding an espresso shot. Yes, any kind of cup will suffice for your coffee since its taste won't change if you serve it in other cups. But using an espresso cup can spell a big difference in your coffee drinking habit. Why? Because an espresso cup can give you both style and functionality in one.

Cups made exclusively for espresso are typically good at holding heat evenly for several hours. So you can enjoy your favorite hot espresso for a long time while you're attending to a business appointment or when having a simple chat with your friend.

Coming in various designs, an espresso cup can make your coffee drinking a very exciting daily habit. Also, you'll love serving your guests with your special blend of espresso when it's served in stylish espresso cups.

Made of different materials, espresso cups are designed to match the taste of every coffee lover. There are so many cup materials to choose from, including ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

The most widely used cup is the ceramic espresso cup. You can pick a set of ceramic cups with either classic designs or beautiful art prints or paintings. If you prefer elaborate designs for your ceramic cup, your choices include Dutch blue, Italian, and Victorian styles.

Stainless steel espresso cups are for those who favor functionality over appearance. Cups made of stainless steel are becoming popular, as they can keep coffee hot even if you leave it for quite a while.

Some people prefer glass cups that come in various colors with attractive accents such as chrome handles.

Regardless of the type of espresso cups you choose, be sure that you get the best ones. Check if the cups you're going to buy are dishwasher safe, fade resistant, durable, and double layered.

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