Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Impress Your Relatives With A Great Tasting Martini

By Tanner Sims

Serving martinis to guests almost invariably turns your party into a hit. Doesn't a good cocktail drink served in a stylish glass make you feel really good?

There is something special about the shape of a martini glass. A quick glance at one and you would almost think it has a slightly seductive appearance. Heck, even the glass itself seems to suggest a festive mood.

Unlike other cocktail glasses, they seem to have a unique style that sets them apart. Their distinctive look makes them the most popular glasses on the internet.

Do you feel like the popular clich image known by most when holding a martini glass served with green olives? Well now you have many choices it seems when it comes to martini cocktails, adding maraschino cherries, lemons, limes, oranges and chocolate to the mix.

Serving a great tasting martini requires a special mixture of ingredients. The most popular way to serve this type of cocktail is with an olive. However, many are now experimenting with chocolate, cherries and even citrus fruit. There are no engraved rules.

Many bars and restaurants today will coat the ice cubes in vermouth or use Vermouth Spritzers to coat the ice to save money. Now most recently gin has been replaced with vodka as the more popular choice and as the picky martini purists would call itthe "Bradford" or "Vodka Martini" as we all know it, was born.

It is very common for establishments such as bars and restaurants to serve gin martinis with Vermouth Spritzer coated ice cubes. This is an acceptable practice and it saves on the costs of replenishing alcohol while still delivering a great tasting cocktail. More people now prefer vodka to gin.

The trick they say is to use the martini shaker. What is a martini shaker you ask? Well if you have to ask, you haven't had a good shaking yet!

Martini shakers made of stainless steel; bartenders use them to vigorously mix the ingredients and ice into perfect blend of fine martini that is then strained and served in an ice-cold glass.

Mixing the ingredients together in a shaker is a great way to blend the ingredients together. However, most bartenders will tell you that vigorously shaking the contents releases oxygen into the cocktail giving it a finer and smoother taste.

Some say one of the best-kept secrets to making a great tasting cocktail is to never let the drink turn warm. This is why they are always served in an ice-chilled glass.

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