Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Treasures at the Dollar Store

By Haylee Landford

I often find myself, living in a little less than a metropolis, and bored for something to do. Also, the struggling economy keeps me, along with everyone else, looking around for the best deal for the daily needs for a family. So, let's go to the local dollar store to find what they can supply us with for fun or need.

I went with the hopes of saving money, and was quite excited to find that many of the items I had been purchasing at other stores for a bit more money, was in stock for only a dollar! I know since I've lived in Arizona, Oregon, Texas, California, and Utah, that the dollar store isn't even very far away. I can't wait to tell you what I found so that we all can keep some extra bucks in our pocket this year.

The most useful find, for me and my ten month old son, was the wide selection of baby items. I was quite thrilled to see their massive supply of needful items for my little boy. Since it is ironic that the smallest member of our family seems to need the most little things, this discovery has been quite thrifty for us.

For example, for his feeding I have found small bowls, plastic spoons, sippy cups, and bibs. They also sold socks, wash cloths and even onesies! Since I discovered these baby items add up very quickly to be very expensive, it's well worth a trip to the dollar store for them instead.

One of my favorite hobbies, besides my baby, is cooking. The only thing more enjoyable than cooking a good meal is eating it. It's hard to enjoy cooking, however, unless you have all the right toys in your kitchen. I'm afraid this economy has kept me a quite a loss for some of these necessary utensils.

Since food isn't all that's hard to come by, going to the dollar store for all these cooking devices helps master my feast. I bought a masher, spatula, whisk, brush for basting, a grater, and even a zester. I was also tempted by the variety of spoons for either straining, ladeling, serving, stirring, or just eating soup. They are stocked even with paring knives, steak knives, butcher knives, slicing knives or dicing knives. Just imagine how possible your culinary masterpiece can be.

I also found a stock supply of cling wrap, aluminum foil, casserole dishes, and bowls for storing your food. Then to set your perfect table there is cloth napkins, place mats, table cloths and even matching plates, bowls, and cups that aren't disposable. They come in sturdy material of plastic or glass and in a variety of colors and designs that would surprise you.

Everyone needs to keep their house tidy, and it can easily be done down the cleaning aisle. Cleaning supplies for your bathroom, your windows, and even easy to use wipes can't be forgotten while your shopping at the dollar store. For your scrubbing, dusting, mopping, and sanitizing, all the ample supplies are there.

You do remember that all these items are constantly on sale for one dollar each? There isn't any department store that has rolled back their prices that far. It would be far to costly to overlook these finds for your family. Go and find all the treasures you need at your local dollar store.

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