Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buy For Cheap All That You Need For A Garden Of Savings

By Alexandra Vrugt

Your family could partake of nature's own savory flavors for pennies on the dollar just by starting an herb garden. Herbs are the key ingredients to many recipes, and are valued by cooks whether they are making an overpriced entree or using one of their most frugal recipes. For those that want all of the flavor without all of the expense, keep reading!

Have you ever bought herbs at a grocery or health food store? If so, then you know that the price of fresh herbs can really break a family's budget. If you are a frugal fashionista then you probably know that the cost of fresh herbs can exceed the cost of growing your own herbs by 10 or 20 times! That's a lot of money that your family could be saving for other things like the meat to put the herbs on. So, to curtail those expenses, here's the best way to get started with a money saving herb garden:

Purchase cheap packets of seeds. For about 10cents per packet, you can get enough seeds to grow a plenteous herb garden. Since you are able to buy for cheap all the seeds you could possibly need, you can plan your herb garden with a variety of herbs. People that cook with herbs can attest to the wonderful flavor combinations that you can get when you mix a variety of herbs, and the way that they enhance foods.

Put dirt on your shopping list. Clean soil can be as cheap as $1 for a large bag of about 5 pounds. Often, the soil that you buy from the store is very rich and perfect for a beginner to use for starting an herb garden. To get a maximum saving, cost-conscious people could also try looking locally for free dirt! Many times, people have an excess of soil or gardening organizations want to encourage people to pursue gardening, and so they give away their dirt. While the dirt is free, it may be worth considering any costs associated with moving the dirt.

Mix the seeds in the dirt, water, and enjoy. Gardening is not very complicated, if you don't overdo things. Don't go crazy buying the latest gardening gadgets or the most elaborate pots. Keep your herb garden experience simple and cheap. You and your family could be spending your money on other things! Buy for cheap pots and earth-friendly gardening stuff right at your local dollar store for $1! As your herbs grow, you may consider getting larger pots or moving the seedlings to a more spacious area...but, this is not a necessity. Your garden can be as small or as grand as you want it. But, remember the purpose of the garden is to harvest herbs for your family to eat and for saving money.

In addition to the great savings that you enjoy by having your own herb garden, you will also experience some other health benefits such as getting fresh air more often, exercising as you work those tools, and eating better. All of these could cut down on another's bills!! A little work, planning some frugal recipes, and making sure to buy for cheap could result in a bumper crop full of delicious herbs for you and your family.

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