Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Acai Berry Products Have Received Critical Acclaim

By Chris Channing

Acai berries are the latest dieting craze that is being pushed in the western areas of the world. The berries, tasty and cheap, have been said to aid weight loss through different means. Big stars such as Oprah have even endorsed the product on national television.

You first need to know where to buy acai berries. Health stores will have fresh, frozen, and dried acai berries that you can obtain. Among the three you should try to get fresh acai berries, since there will be less nutritional loss as compared to frozen and dried counterparts. Online stores also stock such fruits, but be careful where you buy them so as to avoid trickery.

How you consume the berry will determine the nutritional content you gain from them. Just like boiling vegetables can remove nutritional value, freezing fruits can do the same thing. If you want the full effect it is recommended you consume the berries whole and fresh. Otherwise a concentrated mix of juices or extract can give the same results as raw berries.

Antioxidants and fruits that contain them are the new buzz in the health circles. Antioxidants are revered as the new inexpensive method of improving overall quality of health, and for good reason. Antioxidants are able to actually reduce the stress and promote a healthy immune system. If used correctly, the right balance of antioxidants can keep the doctor bills at bay and keep one ready for work and family life.

As physicians have always said, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is key to losing weight while on an exercise routine. Marketers who claim that the acai berry is a cure-all fruit are sadly mistaken, but it does no doubt help bring about weight loss through a healthier immune system, which in turn stimulates more energy. Be careful of false claims, as the FDA has not released results of official studies yet to the general public.

Consult a doctor before taking acai berry extract. Extract has been known to be easily overdosed due to its concentrated form. Some may have an adverse reaction to the concentrated form, such as an increase in heart rate or an unhealthy surge in energy. A physician will know how to judge how much of the extract should be in your daily intake routine. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Closing Comments

In the end, you should conduct your own studies of the acai berry to see if it works for you. Take a few weeks to a month to incorporate acai berries into your eating habits. If you do start to notice more energy and a healthier lifestyle, then don't forget to tell others of your good fortune!

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