Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Favorite Cocktail

By Lisa Condrey

Everybody loves a good martini, they are cute and colorful yet pack a lot of punch. But what about creating the perfect martini, for yourself or party guest? Not everybody can afford a great bartender, so why not learn it yourself and impress your friends & family while you are at it?

Martinis are perfect for any occasion, rather if they are just for a girls night in or just for yourself. There is no reason why you cannot have a martini when you want one. Plus they have so many types of Martinis out there, it is hard to not want one.

You can buy the shaker and glasses from most stores that sell house hold items. Make sure you keep a good stock for flavors, ice and alcohol. That way you don?t have to worry about not having the ingredients when you want to make them

Then you need also need plenty of ice, vermouth, gin, fruit juice or flavor if you like and some kind of garnish. Don?t forget the salt for the rim of the glass in! It adds something special to the whole drink.

Don?t forget to ask your guest if they want it Shaken or Stirred? Some like it have it stirred instead of shaken, as they feel that shaken makes it bruised. So be sure to keep that in mind, as you make them.

Try out different types of alcohol and see which ones you prefer. With so many options out their, you may find a brand you like better than the others. Also try to mix alcohol together and see where they leads you.

Pour gin into martini shaker and shake. Dump what is in the martini shaker into the martini glass, including the melted ice.

If you want fun flavors, make sure you put them in with the gin and shake well. Add salt and whatever else you like into the martini glass. Then you have the perfect martini.

If you want to make a fun martini, you can find plenty of recipes online. Or perhaps you want to stick with the same classic martini that everybody loves and that is simple enough to make. Just look up or come up with your dream martini recipe and have fun.

Keep a record of all of your martini making attempts and get track on which ones are successful and which ones are not.

Please also remember to drink responsibly when drinking any alcohol drink.

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