Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Juicing As A Complement to Your Weight Loss Program

By Brian Gribble

One of the best complements to a weight loss program is juicing. With no dietary fat, minimum amount of calories and it's abundance in nutrients, juicing is a huge plus to almost any diet. Juices contain all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to boost vitality and optimize all of your bodily functions.

It helps satisfy appetites and rebalances the body of unhealthy minerals and toxins. Juice provides all the nutrients in an easily digestible liquid form to get the most out of the fruits and vegetables.

Many fad diets promote the consumption of chemical appetite suppressants, some with adverse side-effects. Vegetable juice actually helps to control cravings and suppresses appetite because of its richness in fiber. It is healthy and harmless and a single glass of juice will have the same appetite suppressing effect as commercial products.

When it comes to sugar levels, it's important to be careful with overconsumption of fruit juice as they tend to be high in sugar. But vegetable juice is very good at having the reverse effect of fruit and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

In addition to being a blood sugar level stabilizer, vegetable juice also contains fewer calories than fruit juice. And most of the calories difference is made up by the difference in sugar content. In fact, vegetable juice has approximately half the amount of calories as fruit juice.

To make the experience more enjoyable, it is important to include a wide variety of ingredients and try as many juicer recipes as possible. Start with recipes that use ingredients you typically like to eat in solid form. Then start expanding outward to ingredients that are close to the fruits and vegetables you are already comfortable with.

Soon you will become be enjoying such a wide variety of ingredients that anything new isn't too much of a stretch for you. In fact, don't be surprised if you look forward to new fruits and vegetables. At this point you can go to the supermarket and look through the produce section for anything you have never tried before.

The full effects of being properly nourished are so positive it will naturally become incorporated into your life. Little but life changing side effects of improved nutrition includes increase in energy levels and mental clarity. It may or may not be as obvious but your ability to fight illnesses will improve dramatically as well. You will never want to go back to being sick all the time and feeling like you have no energy to get through the day.

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