Saturday, June 13, 2009

Espresso At Home And On The Go

By Michelle Myers

Espresso has long since been the coffee of choice in many regions of Europe. Cuba, Brazil and Argentina. Many other countries offer espresso options as high end beverages in coffee shops. This is true, for example, in the United States where a cup of espresso is expensive but a must have for many coffee lovers.

Espresso is often used to make other forms of coffee that are thicker than ordinary coffee blends. Shots of espresso are used in mocha, latte and cappuccino drinks. To take a sip of espresso right from the machine could give you quite a surprise since it is so concentrated.

Some Espresso lovers have invested in espresso machines for their home. And many offices have them for the staff. Some Espresso machines come with a heavy price tag. There are moderately priced versions for home use.. In the long run, they can save an avid espresso drinker some money.

Brewing espresso from home is not the neatest task. It seems you always end up with ground coffee and other messes. This is not something to make when you are in a rush. You will want to carefully read all instructions that come with your espresso machine for the safest and most effective use of your machine. It will be easier than trying to figure things out without directions.

The section for water on your espresso machine will need to be filled with cold water. Before going any further, make certain the boiler cap is on tightly. The next step will be to add the espresso grinds or ground coffee. The espresso machine should have level markers on the filter so that you know how much coffee grinds to place in the filter. The amount you use will depend upon how many shots of espresso you are attempting to make. Be sure that the ground coffee is packed lightly for ideal measurement. Put the filter back into the filter holder so that you can start to brew the espresso.

Your espresso maker should come with a container to catch the espresso as it brews. Espresso will make a nice brown foam. It is ready once it stops being brown in color. Do not drip any more espresso into the cup when the color starts to whiten.

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