Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Positive Benefits of Having a Garden

By Matt Truman

Since early times, gardening has been a vital part of human society. In present day, individuals can get a lot of pleasure from participating in this age-old practice, while gaining a number of great attributes from a newfound hobby.

The fruits and vegetables you get from gardening is usually of a higher quality than anything found in stores. You also have the satisfaction of eating something that you made yourself. The kicker is that your entire yield is almost completely free, after factoring the small costs of gardening.

Unless you are using chemicals in your gardening, everything you grow will be organic. Everyone knows that organic is better, as it is healthier and more natural for the body. With all the pollution in today's society, it is important to get as much organic material inside you as possible.

Personal gardens are usually easy and relaxing to manage, but if you have a larger garden, it can be physically demanding to control it. This is a good thing, as the more exercise we have in our lives, the better off we are. In addition, exercise from gardening is less stressful than having to go to the gym.

In addition to being physically challenging, gardening can also be good for the mental state. It relieves stress and requires one to use their mind to figure out the best ways to efficiently tend their garden. After a long period of gardening, it would be no surprise if you found yourself a bit smarter.

Stress is more destructive than most people realize. It can not only be inhibiting to a productive life, but it can actually shorten life as well. Gardening is a great way to reduce stress, and therefore extend your life considerably.

If you get enough food from your efforts, you should consider trying to convert it in to profit. Certain stores are willing to buy things from local producers, and if any family or friends are interested, that is an additional medium.

Gardening is an all around great activity that improves your mind and body in every way imaginable. You get healthier, grow good food, and ultimately feel more whole as a human being.

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