Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep your Cooking Pans Clean

By Glendalyn Shaburt

Provide your family with home cooked meals by purchasing your own cooking pans. This enables you to craft masterpieces in your own home. Cooking pans are versatile, but do however require a small amount of training before you can use them. Purchasing a brand new set of cooking pans will help you achieve some of the best culinary crafting you ever have.

Cooking pans need to be handled slightly different from most other cooking equipment. Your pans will need some important steps before you cook you first meal. This is called seasoning and it ensures that your pans will last a lifetime.

Straight oiling. Using this method of preparing cooking pans, oil, fat is smothered into the cooking pans and then removed slightly. You will then use then pan to prepare intensely greasy food the first couple of times that you use them. Bacon, Sausage, and other similar food works great. You should repeat this at least 5 to 7 times before you cook anything else.

Now that you have fully seasoned your brand new cooking pans, they are ready to cook whatever you mind can imagine. You can use them for any task from frying chicken, to baking corn bread and biscuits.

After you have cooked with your new pans you need to clean them, however you will find that the method to appropriately clean your seasoned pans so as not to remove the seasoning might be a tad bit unusual.

The recommended method for cleaning your pans is to use a good amount of boiling water, and place this into the pan. Now that you have the pan full of boiling water, empty it and wipe out your pan. And wallah you are finished.

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