Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Farmers Market Mania into Town

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

A different kind of market is to be held and it is called the farmer's market, in here you can expect to find vendors selling their produce freshly picked. People today want to get their goods and necessities fresh. Home baked goods are also available. In this market you can expect that the goods are taken from their farm locally and extended to be available for the buying public.

Common buyers here have already established warm business relationship with their ideal buyers. A variety of products are around from vegetables, fruits, and different flowers. People who have been coming back and forth in this market have already created a wholesome culture of vendor buyer relationship.

Vegetables are always well favored when they are picked fresh. And this is common here in the farmers market because local farmers are the ones who grow these themselves. A number of home baked goods are available for grab. Buyers will be exposed to the local flavor of their common cookies or cakes. And also you can taste the local's own flavor of baked goods. Fruits are guaranteed free from chemicals and organically fertilized also because of the local farmers.

Entry of sellers in this market is also regulated by a local regulatory board. They are screened for their goods quality, their cleanliness and business ethics. This will guarantee the buyers their right as consumers. But what really brings back buyers here is the warmth of the trade happening in the market.

Come and visit us in the farmers market, have a nice time buying your commodities will have a good time. You can expect honest to goodness modern barter, locals keep their pride through the way they relate in selling their goods. Competitive price can also be expected, sellers also have their likened buyers that they give extra discount too.

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