Monday, June 15, 2009

Five Characteristics That Make Purple Clay Teapots Outstanding

By Jason Jia

The Chinese have a secret that lets them fully enjoy their fragrant, healthy tea - they brew it with purple clay teapots. And you know what? These teapots really have qualities that set them apart from the pack. So today I'll share some secrets as to why tea drinkers have come to adore a strange thing called purple clay.

There is only one place that this clay can be found: Yixing, China. Actually, there are three main colors of this so-called purple clay: red clay, green clay, and purple clay. Because the clay contains a high number of natural minerals, it can display a full range of colors after firing. And its internal structure is quite interesting too - a double layer of porous, sandy particles that give it an extra kick.

Some purple clay teapots are seen as great additions to cultural collections and are used as ornaments, but for those who like to drink from them, these pots have five characteristics that won't be forgotten.

1. Purple clay teapots allow you to enjoy the original color, aroma and taste of your tea. In fact, most Chinese people say they are the best pots to use. The material has a huge number of pores that give you an unparalleled tea-sipping experience.

I love green tea, so I bought a green-colored purple clay teapot several years ago. Then I hurried back to my home, and brewed my favorite tea leaves with the pot. When I took a sip, the soup tasted much better than I used to feel before. I wondered: 'Is it the same tea?' Then I suddenly saw the light: I finally know my tea thanks to this purple clay teapot!

2. The unique air permeability of purple clay teapots guarantee that the tea inside doesn't go bad. There is a saying in China: Tea overnight can't be drunk. But the truth is, the tea in a purple clay teapot stays crisp all day and night, even in sultry summer.

If you have something urgent to deal with in the morning after brewing tea, go for it! The tea soup in the pot will stay fresh and be considerate enough to wait for you at the end of the day.

3. A purple clay teapot can change slightly as you make tea with it, because of how absorbent it is. It takes in tea aromas and tastes, and then lets them off in the next infusion. The flavor gradually grows and you can always expect for a better brew of tea each time.

But that's not all, because every batch of tea brewed in a purple clay teapot adds to its elegance and sheen. That's because the porous surface allows the tea to seep inside, which then becomes a part of the pot forever. For this reason, it's best not to wash your pot with soap or chemicals, otherwise the tea stored inside will be lost. Some people say the oils from your hands can also be trapped by the pot, which adds to the bright color on the outside.

Finally, tea lovers suggest a purple clay teapot should be specially used for brewing a certain type of tea, so the color of the absorbent teapot will grew more similar with the color of the tea soup. Maybe the slow color change of your teapot will fascinate you, who knows?

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