Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Health Drink Worth Every Penny

By Anker Arkady

You may respond unfavorably to what I have to say or write. But the recession has taught me a lot. To some extent, I may even perceive it as a blessing. It has made me think twice about getting what I pay for when I purchase almost everything. And that includes my health drink. Believe me, it is not far out. Please allow me to explain.

When I buy a health drink, I want value for money. I want it to be worth every penny I spend. I know of the nutrients and vitamins it has so it has to be good and worth it. With the recession going on it definitely has to earn my trust before I spend on it.

Can you buy health if your health goes bad? Well I know I can?t. But if you can, please let me know how in the world you did because I?d pay top dollar to learn that. However, that?s just impossible. But what we can do is to invest early on when it comes to our health. That?s the reason behind why I take to consideration maximum absorption of supplements.

Health drink, as the name implies, should be outright safe and healthy. I was never a fan of additives, fillers and preservatives. That?s why we call it a health drink. There are ingredients in some beverages that contain words that are so hard to read and pronounce; in my opinion, they don?t have the right to be on a health drink. Otherwise, it won?t be a health drink.

I want to make a strong statement by saying that I do not want to drink preservatives. I want my healthy drink to be fresh and free from those hard to read ingredients. If at all possible, I?d like to drink it straight out of the conveyor belt. We are, however fortunate in this era because of constant research and development. Is there a beverage in existence that fits my description?

I was very skeptical when I first saw Yoli Blast Caps. It was definitely a departure from the conventional. I mean, come one, does it have to have the name ?Blast Cap?? Sounds like the drink would burst of some sort. Well, it?s better the drink bursting and not the drinker after drinking it. On a more serious note, the moniker came from the pop it produces when the beverage is activated.

I like the fact that Yoli Blast Caps does not have preservatives and contains natural ingredients. That is definitely what I look for in a health drink. The absence of preservatives is made possible through its technology. While most conventional beverages are pre-mixed, Yoli Blast Caps install its ingredients in the cap away from the liquid. And it stays there until there till you want to drink it.

So, it?s just like getting your health drink straight from the factory. It doesn?t matter if it has been on the shelf for quite some time. And did I mention you get to absorb more than 20% of the supplements? That?s because it?s brewed or activated just before you drink it. This makes Yoli Blast Caps one of the most valuable, bang for the buck health drink out there.

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