Monday, October 12, 2009

My Life Changes During Football Season

By Brandon Lynch

It has finally begun. NFL 2009.

In theory it started last week on the smurf turf in Boise, Idaho in a game destined to be known for what happened afterwards the blunt Blount bash -more than anything that occurred during the 60 minutes of the game.

And now the Steelers - hoping to turn out to be the 1st team since the Patriots to do it again - began their Super Bowl defense with a gratifying victory over the Titans to inaugurate the 2009 football year.

I know I am not as prolific throughout football season. All of a sudden, I'm only accomplishing stuff during commercials, if ever, on Saturdays and Sundays, plus Thursday nights, Friday nights, and Monday nights.

Then throw in fantasy football - which severely lessens the amount of time I would otherwise be functional, writing, or doing something prolific-and more time than I am willing to acknowledge are spent on this game.

This time of year, I surely do not eat as well.

Wednesday night, I ate fish with steamed vegetables and went for a swim after a 6 mile jog.

Thursday (game day), I consumed a super burrito, too many chips, too many, more chips, and watched the movie Max Payne following the game, before checking fantasy lines for Kerry Collins and then staggering to bed, full from the chips.

Do not recognize if there are some football detox programs and even if there happened to be, I wouldn't voluntarily partake. Hopefully my family wouldn't stage some sort of intervention.

Fact is, I don't want to quit, however as a Broncos fan that could change as the season progresses.

NFL and NCAA football are religion for a big percentage of the population. We're corn chip-eating cult members following the rantings of Chris Collinsworth.

So it's on. The 2009 season commenced and, for better or for worse, life won't be the same until a month into 2010, when the natural NFL detox starts.

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