Friday, October 23, 2009

Are You an Athlete Looking for Extra Stamina and an Energy Boost? Meet the Acai Berry

By Americo Tognetti

Obviously if you're an athlete or someone you know is an athlete, both of you understand the importance of energy. It goes a long way in any athletic sport so you can stay in the game longer. Even World Surfing Champ Layne Beachley will tell you how unbelievable the Acai berry has helped her.

Layne Beachley has found something that has provided her with the best sustenance for her surfing competitions and training workouts. She has found something that is light and easily digestible, that can keep her satisfied all throughout the day, it is the super fruit called the Acai berry. For Layne Beachley, this super fruit is perfect for her because while she suffers from numerous food allergies the berry is able to compensate for the nutrients that she cannot get from ordinary foods. Thus she remains healthy and strong because the berry provides her the nutrients, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that she needs.

Layne Beachley is not the only athlete that eats the Acai berry. Other athletes such as Chris Friend, have discovered that the Acai berry can do wonders for them as well. Chris is a Pro Junior Surfer and was the Runner-up at the ISA Amateur World Championship. Chris just like Layne uses the Acai berry to help keep him sharp and give him the strength he needs to be ready for competitions.

But when you think about a berry, you think about how small they are, and sometimes wonder how they have any nutrients at all. Don't be deceived by the size of this little beauty, it is packed with goodness!

Plus the advantage of getting enough work against bad cholesterol will prove to be extremely beneficial for the body. This is due to the addition of Linoleic or Omega 6 that will help lower bad cholesterol. One thing to note is that the good cholesterol will stay at a healthy level instead of being damaged. You will also find that the Acai berry has Phytosterols that help reduce blood plasma cholesterol. Acai berry has enough good fat to energise the body and you'll enjoy the Anthocyanin that's found in the berry to dissolve those bad fatty acids.

This is why many athletes use this as a good substitution to protein bars and shakes. In fact, you see many people buy the fruit and make smoothies.

The Acai berry does its job, by giving you the essential vitamins needed to be the best at your profession; the rest is up to the athlete. Work hard, train hard, and eat the super fruit, the Acai berry and you will be well on your way to the top.

So if you are looking to be at the top of your game, the Acai berry will help provide you with the energy and stamina you need to do so.

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