Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Colon Cleanse Diet Equals A Long and Healthy Life

By Jared Rite

Next to lung cancer, it is colon cancer that is serves as cancer killer to many. This is basically because of the sad fact that the body have not changed but the food that the body is taking have greatly become quite harmful. The ingredients of many of the food we can but in the market has proven to have adverse effects that turns into various forms of diseases including various types of cancers.

Some of the examples of foods that are unhealthy for the body include those with antibiotics, preservatives, and hormones, refined sugar, white rice, white flour, hydrogenated oil, pasta, corn syrup that is high on fructose, and a lot more that are destroying your system slowly while you do not even have the slightest idea about it. Thus, it is essential that these harmful substances be removed from your body immediately. This is the purpose of bowel movements-to expel wastes from your system.

You can easily determine that you are healthy if you have a regular bowel movement. Regular would mean once a day. If this does not happen to you, you may likely form some diseases. Today's most common bowel problems include constipation. You have it if the toxic debris in the bowel system is not immediately washed away causing it to putrefy and ferment in the body and even be reabsorbed by it. If this happens, your body becomes open to diseases that can lead to death including colon cancer.

A colon cleanse diet is best done to detoxify and therefore prevent the foregoing from happening to you. The process by which toxins are neutralized or removed from the body as well as other unwanted congestion's in it is what we call detoxification. This is done through a healthy lifestyle and a colon cleanse diet.

On the whole, a colon cleanse diet is a diet which comprises foods and drinks that are free from preservatives, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and such substances that contain toxins. If you are a smoker, stopping the use of cigarettes or tobacco will e of substantial help. It is also advisable that you incorporate probiotics in your colon cleanse diet for replenishing the intestinal flora. In essence, a colon cleanse diet would, by and large, be comprised of fruits and vegetables. If you cannot completely remove them from your diet, then try your best to cut down on your processed food intake to hold off toxins from your digestive system and prevent mucus buildup and plaque from forming in it.

For those digestive systems however that already built up toxins and plaques, you can still free your system from these undesirables. The rule to follow should be a slow but regular elimination so that toxins will stop from building up and food intake will be properly digested and used by the body. This will allow your nutrition to be optimized to its fullest use that will allow for your body's vitality and rejuvenation. The process may take years, even decades. The important thing is you start it now before it becomes too late.

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