Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Keto Benefits

By Michal Johnson

7 Keto has a long list of benefits: it's anti-aging, it strengthens your heart and brain and it promotes a brighter physical and psychological outlook (especially in older persons). 7 Keto is actually the main metabolite of DHEA, which has long been popular since it does the same things 7 Keto does. The main difference between the two, however, is that DHEA may produce negative effects while 7 Keto does not.

Here are just some of the things 7 Keto can provide:

Improve metabolism. 7 Keto works with the thyroid gland to help it manufacture enzymes that powers up the metabolic processes in our body, including fat burning. This means that whatever dieting or exercise you do, the effects are magnified. You are able to get rid of more fat.

More lost weight. With increased thermogenesis comes increased weight loss. You see, thermogenesis is about the process of converting fat and turning it to heat, and consequently, energy. The body produces enzymes that helps it burn fat. 7 Keto promotes the production of such enzymes and as such, you lose more weight and have increased energy levels.

Prevent weight loss plateau. As you lose weight, your body reacts by slowing down the metabolism. The result is that that "extra push" you need to lose all the weight you want requires more effort and dieting. And even then, the possibility of losing that last few pounds become less and less. 7 Keto prevents this by working on the thyroid gland, so that you push up the weight plateau and continue losing weight.

Improve the immune system. The immune system becomes in a better fighting mode when it is able to produce more antibodies. 7 Keto helps in this area so that you can more effectively combat illness, allergic reactions and infection. Recovery time is also speeded up.

Strengthen the heart. The supplement improves the levels of lipoproteins: it increases HDL (the good kind of lipoproteins) while minimizing LDL (the bad kind) so you have lower risk of heart illness.

Greater looking skin. 7 Keto has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so you have fewer wrinkles.

7 Keto is a DHEA metabolite. Just like DHEA, it has wondrous anti-aging qualities, but without DHEA's negative effects. Some studies showed that the use of 7 Keto enhanced the physical and psychological condition in older persons in degrees that are noticeable. It also renews and invigorates major body organs: the brain, heart and skin.

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