Friday, October 23, 2009

Picking The Right Diet

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

There are way too many diets out there. Unfortunately, not even the medical community can reach a consensus on the best one. So how are you going to?

Picking the best nutritional plan can give you a severe mental hernia.

Thus, here are some things to look out for when picking the right diet for you:

1. Amount of calories. If it recommends that you eat like a bird, find something else. If you eat less than twelve hundred calories, the health risks become very salient. You can also damage your metabolism.

2. Sufficient carb intake. Your body and brain needs a bare minimum amount of carbohydrates for proper functioning. Less than about one hundred grams per day and you will lose calorie-burning muscle in addition to low levels of focus.

3. Balance. Without balance you will miss out on a lot of health benefits. After all, the nutrients found in different foods interact with each other to improve health in ways that we still do not understand. You also need the extra energy from a balanced diet when trying to lose weight.

4. Sufficient variety. Any plan should have sufficient variety to keep your palate appeased. The level of variety needed will vary from person to person. And if a diet requires a very narrow intake of food items then it will probably not be sustainable.

5. Affiliate promotions. If you find that the diet plan recommends many products that the author is involved with, then there is probably some bias. Your best bet is to find a plan that does not recommend products the author can profit from.

6. Supplement centrality. If the whole plan is central to a single dietary supplement, then it probably is based on faulty science at best. Stay away from one-hit-wonder programs.

Wading through all the different diets out there can be very overwhelming. And trying to figure out which ones are based on solid science can be virtually impossible for the average consumer. So follow my tips so that you can make an informed decision.

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