Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learn The Basics of Cooking to Become A Gourmet Food Expert

By Brent Schumacher

Gourmet foods are done with sophistication, especially by Iron Chefs. You may think that a simple looking food is made by a snap of your fingers. This is not entirely true. You need not be an expert for you to make a remarkable dish, but knowing the basic of cooking will surely come in handy. Just remember that everything starts from scratch.

Cutting is very important in cooking gourmet food. Chopping is a method that you can use if you want randomly small sized ingredients, which is perfect for onions, tomatoes, etc. Dicing is the smaller version that you may do, like slicing your potatoes into cubes. Garlic deserves mincing, ending in very small pieces. But regardless of what method you prefer, you have to be careful with the knife that you are using.

Now after all those ingredients are ready, you can now saute all those. Sauteing is the process of cooking something quickly. A small amount of oil is used over direct heat while tossing all the spices and other ingredients altogether. Easy, isn't it?

Another technique in doing a crispy dish is breading. You may take it for granted as you may just put crumbs on your meat but you have to remember these important steps. Your one hand should soak the meat into the liquid while the other hand dips the meat into the crumbs. This way, you save yourself from getting sticky and messy fingers.

Now, if you don't want that crunchy feeling in your mouth, try grilling. You can do that by directing radiant heat on your raw food. You can also try using a metal grate over hot coals. But if you prefer to do this indoors, there are available grilling pans in the market where you can grill your gourmet food on top of the stove.

Marinating your food before grilling is essential in gourmet food cooking. This is the process where you infuse different flavors to the food by soaking them in a marinade solution over a period of time.

If you want to cook a gourmet pasta dish, you need to make sure that the noodle is al dente. This is the standard for all pasta dishes. If your pasta is too soggy or crisp, then it is not good. Take care to not overcook your pasta.

If you want to know how to cook gourmet foods, it's a must that you first learn the basics of cooking. When you master them, that's the time you can start experimenting with different gourmet dishes. Just remember to put passion in your cooking to ensure that you end up with a good-tasting dish.

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