Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Reasons To Own Your Own Panini Maker

By Chef Ichibanda

Have you run out of things to eat for lunch? Are you eating the same old soggy sandwiches day in and day out? Is it getting really expensive to eat out at lunch because brown bagging just isn't appealing any more? Well if you if you answered yes to these questions then it might be time in invest in a new Panini maker.

First lets talk about the origins of the name Panini. Panini is actually Italian and is not necessarily grilled in Italy. Everywhere else a Panini sandwich is grilled. In Italian the word Panino is the singular version and Panini is the plural from of the word. But I like Panini!

A Panini press or maker is a electricity powered sandwich cooker. Its similar in design to a waffle iron in that it has two hot sides that grill the sandwich to delicious perfection. They come in several sizes too depending on your needs. If you serve many or just yourself there is a Panini maker that's just right for you.

Since you can add veggies to the sandwich, Panini makes for a great meal if youre watching the calories. Add onions, carrots, and zucchini for a nutritious treat. How does it taste so good? Well, the beauty of the panini maker or press is that by utilizing heat as well as compression it heats the sandwich through and through. The delicious juices from the meat and vegetables mix to form a succulent treat.

Once you get your own Panini maker, you can make a delicious sandwich in minutes. So getting that delicious bistro taste it doesn't have to take long at all. So how can you get that bistro taste so quick? All you have to do is plug in your panini press to warm it up. Then stuff the bread with the fillings of your choice, brush on some butter and close the press. You'll have that delicious bistro taste in minutes, guaranteed.

The great thing about paninis is you can make the same sandwich you always eat but it will taste entirely different. Try out all different kinds of fillings to make the perfect sandwich. If you like apple turnovers or tasty fruit desserts then you're in luck. The panini maker can make delicious desserts as well. Just pop in your favorite fruit or sweet filling and you have yourself a crispy dessert.

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