Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unearth The Best Foods For Antioxidants

By Christina F Ramirez

Most individuals have heard the word "free radical" yet hardly any people know or possibly even care exactly what it is. A free radical is a result of any bodily function that requires oxygen, which is almost every physical function. While "free radicals" are ordinary and we cannot dodge them, in excessive quantities they can harm cells, create ailment and contribute to age-related declines. But, they are not all damaging and our bodies must have a number of of them.

Free radicals are formed during the course of oxidation in our bodies. Think about an apple that has been cut and is exposed to air. It can hastily turn brown. That is oxidation and in our bodies it is that process that causes free radicals.

Oxygen is transported through our bloodstream where it is essential for natural cell function. Often the oxygen molecule in our bodies is lacking in the number of electrons that it holds. The electrons need to be stable so the oxygen molecule will actually lift an electron from another molecule, which then leaves that molecule with an unpaired electron. That is a free radical, a molecule with an unpaired electron.

Free radicals are created by any number of separate factors. The quality of the oxygen could be impaired because of environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke and more. Various bodily functions can also play a part to poor oxygen condition. The foodstuff we eat, unwarranted exposure to radiation, both from the sun or from medical x-rays, environmental pollutants and more can bring about the creation of free radicals. Anytime the body uses oxygen for any purpose free radicals are produced in the process.

Free radicals are altered, unpaired oxygen molecules, which can bring about a vast deal of stress and difficulty in the body. Free radicals are a big causal issue to the clogging of arteries, premature aging, the growth of disease and more.

Antioxidants work to defuse the free radicals. The antioxidant will pair up with the unpaired electron or the free radical and steady it. However, in the course of that more free radicals are created and you must always continue to replace the antioxidants. In other words, in order for antioxidants to be effective you must fully employ them into your diet and consume them daily.

A diet high in antioxidants has been demonstrated to be of assistance to counter the effects of aging, to prevent diseases, to help in weight loss, insomnia, infertility and even more. Antioxidants are ample in nature's healthiest foods and you can get most of your essential nourishing antioxidants from eating a healthful diet.

Free radicals are a biological result of living and we cannot do without them, however in disproportionate quantities they can initiate many problems. You can restrict free radical damage by consuming lots of natural occurring antioxidants and you can find these powerful nutrients in most of nature's healthiest foods.

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