Friday, October 16, 2009

Supplements with Beverages

By Anker Arkady

Lets face it: we love our supplements. Its almost our way of life. A pill here, a pill there, a tablet here and a tablet there. Every now and then, a new supplement comes out. The brands and the names of these supplements are endless. And most of the time, these supplements claim to be natural. But the downside is were not really getting our moneys worth.

Why would I dare say that? I?m hitting those supplements in anyway. But, as you may already know, only 20% is absorbed by our bodies. I think we should just pay 20% of the real value since that?s all we absorb. I don?t seem to see the logic in paying more. But we can?t do that, can we? No need to worry, it is not yet the end of the world.

The answer lies with Yoli Blast Caps. No, this is not a sales pitch. I did my own research about it. I highly suggest that you do as well. At first, I didn?t want to believe in its claims. However, I needed value for money. And I said that this might just be it. So I gave it a shot since I have nothing to lose. I want more than 20%.

Yoli Blast Caps are made with a whole new different technology. We get to absorb more due to the fact that the ingredients are stored in the cap and they stay in the cap until you decide to drink it. And when you decide to drink it, all you need to do is activate the cap which would blast and infuse the liquid with the stored ingredients.

I wondered where it got its catchy name until I heard the slight pop when I activated the beverage. Yoli Blast Caps stands up to the name health drink because no preservatives are found here. This definitely gives me more value for my money and I hope you see that value as well. Preservatives are not needed because it isn?t pre-mixed in the first place.

Most beverages that we see on the shelves on groceries are manufactured using the conventional methods. These beverages are full of color; artificial color that is. However, health conscious consumers are way smarter than that. Health conscious consumers want to drink health drinks and not liquids loaded with preservatives and plain color. These unhealthy beverages will never be good for us in any way.

As I mentioned earlier, Yoli Blast Caps do not contain preservatives. I mean, lets face it: those beverages on the shelves have been there for some period of time. They definitely need those preservatives to prolong their shelf life. In other words, they need them so that it would still be safe to drink. But is it really safe to drink on a long term basis if it is loaded with preservatives? Go figure.

Bottom line: we need value for money for our supplements. We need something that is safe and free from preservatives. We want something that can really be absorbed. And Yoli Blast Caps has presented us a new option to take our supplements. Cheers!

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