Saturday, October 10, 2009

Which Cake Decorating Equipment Should You Buy if You Are Serious About Decorating Cakes?

By Maria Campbell

You need the right kind of cake decorating equipment to perfect your cake decorating skills. Paddles and icing smoothers are some of the essential cake decorating equipment.They come in handy especially if you are decorating a cake with various kinds of frostings and icing.

If your cake decoration requires a lot of fondant and marzipan use, rolling pin is indispensable. They are available in wood, plastic and marble. The marble rolling pin that is heavy and long is a great choice for rolling out fondant and provides better result than the plastic or wood rolling pin.

Even though you shouldn?t use a cheap rolling pin, you can get away with using a plain mat, just as long as it?s flexible. Mats can come in handy for rolling out icing. Some of them come are made to grip table surfaces in order to prevent slippage. You may want to consider getting this type of mat if you don?t feel like chasing it all over the table!

One type of cake decorating equipment you really need to get is a good turntable. Since cakes can be heavy (i.e. wedding cakes), you will find a turntable to be very helpful. If you can afford to do so, invest in a good, study model, as some cheap turntables are known to tilt too much.

You can not imagine decorating a cake without the spatula or the palette knife. Metal spatulas are the choice of professional bakers.

If you want to decorate your cake with icing shells, scrolls or snail trails a piping set with various sized nozzles could be your best choice of cake decorating equipment.

For creating elegant designs on your cake, you can use fine paint brushes to perfect your design on rolled out icing surfaces- especially, to create the natural looking gum paste flowers. The broad brushes are used to clear the work surface.

Other cake decorating equipment you might need are- the flower nails, silver pins, food coloring and decorator tips. All the cake decorating equipments are affordable and available at a local cake supplies store as well in on-line stores.

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