Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Total Gym One Thousand: What You Need To Know

By Aimee Jones

If you are currently looking around for a home gym equipment that would make your body into shape with out the hassle of leaving your home then stop searching now. The Total Gym 1100 is reasonable priced at $199.99 and could give you best results that you wanted to have.

Product Features:

1. Ergonomic glide board with handles for strengthening and sculpting muscles

2. Counterbalances percentage of body weight against gravity for smooth resistance

3. Works upper body, lower body, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular system

4. Easy storage since the equipment folds; comes with wing and leg attachments

While it would only take a very minimal space inside your house it also gives you a great workout for a very reasonable price. Using your own body weight as a resistance would make you build strength and even tone your muscles as well as cardiovascular faster as compared to other home gym equipment.

With Total Gym 1100, there are no limits. Increase the incline to get a better workout for your body while giving you more resistance for each repetition that you do. With this home equipment, you can actually perform over 60 kinds of workouts, so just imagine the advantage of having it for its low price while getting a lot from it, and just make simple adjustments to change your workout.

The Total Gym 1100 has a padded and contoured glideboard for workout comfort and its leg and multi-function attachments add variety to your workouts. It is also easy to use and easy to set up since this home gym folds compactly so it can be stored under a bed or in a closet and measures 55 1/2 x 18 1/4 x 9 1/4" and weighs 54 pounds so it's easy to move around if you need to move it.

I was skeptical when Chuck Norris said on TV that a 6-8 minute workout would be enough using the Total Gym but I guess he was right after those people who were willing to testify the works of the Total Gym for them. One customer even said that aside from the basic exercises that she can do with her home gym, the booklet that is included shows more of all the machines abilities.

So if you are a health conscious person and wanted to keep that body shape fit while not sacrificing your budget that much then this Total Gym 1100 is the perfect gift that you can give yourself. After all it will last for so long that you could actually use it for a long time.

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