Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Astounding Benefits of a Raw Food Vegan Diet

By Alistair Bedingford

The widely accepted definition of a raw food vegan diet is one where 75% of the time you are eating raw and the widely accepted definition of raw food is food that never gets heated beyond 115F. That being said, why would you switch to such a diet?

Benefit 1 - Rapid Weight Loss

It is a widely studied fact that consumption of raw food results in rapid and drastic weight loss. The reason is incredibly simple. Raw plant foods have a very high fiber to calorie ratio. They are packed with very filling fiber but are comparatively low in calories. As a result, people on raw food vegan diets eat as much as they feel like and still lose weight.

Benefit 2 - Improved Health

Besides the obvious health benefits of weight loss (reduced likelihood of heart disease and diabetes) there are many other ways that eating raw food improves health. Cooking food destroys many of its beneficial components such as vitamins, good bacteria and enzymes. Raw food eaters find digestion much easier and have reported improved energy levels and better skin quality.

Since raw foods don't have preservatives and have significantly less sugar. Eating a raw food vegan diet can make a marked improvement for your overall health and well being.

Benefit 3 -More Environmentally Friendly and Ethical

The vast majority of the meat consumed comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). These industrial operations are notorious for very unethical animal treatment, significant environmental degradation and disease. An organic raw vegan diet is a vote against a system that is unhealthy, unethical and unfriendly to the environment.

Note: B12 supplements are required in a Vegan diet

So be healthier, look better and do something that great for the planet

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