Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do You Want To See How To Drop Weight

By Kathryn T Coleman

Right now in the United States obesity and being overweight has reached just about epidemic proportions. Our lifestyles are sedentary and we consume too many nutritionally vacant foods in the Standard American Diet. We don't exercise enough and we eat too much.

Throughout the past our bodies evolved in such a way as to make certain continued existence. This means that our bodies unsurprisingly preserve energy and fat to safeguard us in times of famine. The problem today is that the only food shortage we ever truly suffer is the self-imposed one that we get when we go on limiting diets.

But our bodies do not discriminate between a limiting diet and a scarcity. We go on a diet and our bodies incapacitate our efforts by slowing down our metabolism and conserving every trace of fat and energy that it can. That is one of the reasons why it gets more tiring to lose weight with every ensuing diet.

A huge part of the answer to this problem may be to just stop dieting and start eating. Start working with your biology instead of against it by discontinuing the ridiculous diets and eating like you are supposed to.

It is more than just starting to eat again, however. The Standard American Diet, which is also known by the appropriate acronym SAD greatly contributes to obesity and being overweight. The rationale why is that our bodies were never planned to consume the detrimental, nutritionally bankrupt and processed foods that are so plentiful in our culture.

As humans we are designed to consume the healthful, good for you, natural foods that come from nature. The planet unsurprisingly supplies the foods that are optimal for our bodies and that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and even fish and lean meats. It does not include the foods that are found in a package in the center of your community store. The less processed and more natural a food is the healthier it is for our bodies.

Our bodies were also designed to move and work out. Our ancestors spent most of their days up and about, moving around and our bodies are designed for that. If you intend to lose weight and become healthier the remedy is to include both a beneficial diet with optimum nourishment and an exercise plan.

Fighting obesity, losing weight for good and creating optimum fitness starts with including the healthiest foods in nature into your diet and incorporating an exercise strategy into your life. You will see the results and your body will thank you.

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