Monday, October 12, 2009

Save Money and Cook Applebee's Recipes at Home

By Bill Lane

Serving up an Applebee's recipe from your kitchen is closer to reality than you think. I want to show you how this can be done.

An appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip followed only by Applebee's Fajitas topped off with a Deadly Chocolate Sin. Wow, if that doesn't make you hungry I don't know what will? Recipes from Applebee's have their own unique taste and signature flavors. However, one can't afford to eat at Applebee's several days a week, especially in these tough financial circumstances. So what's an "in your neighborhood" fan supposed to do?

Applebee's recipes in your home are now a reality. And they are all of the good recipes too. I am not talking about some "free" recipes that claim to be like Applebee's. I mean there are over 40 detailed, jaw-dropping recipes with results like you were sitting in the restaurant. Here is just a sample of the recipes you will get:

-Applebee's Spinach Pizza

-Applebee's Baby Back Ribs

-Applebee's Aztec Chicken Salad

-Applebee's Chicken Wings

-Applebee's Chimi-Cheesecake

At first, I was very skeptical about purchasing a book claiming to have Applebee's recipes in it. So I tried a few "free" ones I found online. Well, that didn't last long. The "free" recipes were not even close to tasting like Applebee's. I figured for less than the price of a meal at Applebee's with a satisfaction guaranteed, I'd give the book a shot. Was I ever surprised. The recipes and instructions taste like I am sitting in Applebee's. And now it only cost me 1/3 of what I would be paying.

Sitting in Applebee's enjoying a meal is a good time but cooking Applebee's in your own home is an awesome time. And cheap! In addition to Applebee's recipes you will also get recipes from Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, PF Changs and the Macaroni Grill just to list a few.

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