Friday, October 16, 2009

What Kitchen Board Should You Use?

By Shelby Goodwin

You can choose a plastic or a wooden chopping board. Wood is the most used material for this board. The wooden chopping blocks can make the kitchen look a lot better. Remember that your kitchen should be a place where you can relax, cooking for the people you most care about. Make sure you have the best chopping board to transform cooking into a pleasure. Most people like to design their kitchen with tools made from wood. There are some people though who are scared to use wooden blocks. They think that wood is not so hygienic. This is not true because if you really take care you can make certain that your chopping block is always kept clean!

There is another very good reason to pick a wood chopping block. The sharp edge of the knife that you are cutting with will not get ruined. Wood is a lot more friendly on your knife than plastic boards are. Using a plastic block will also cost you a lot more time because you will need to sharpen your knives far more times

You don't need to work too much in order to have a clean chopping block. All you need to use is hot water and soap. After you wash the chopping board you can use a disinfectant spray. There will be no more microbes and you can use the board secure in the knowledge that it is perfectly safe.

Keep in mind to always check your wood chopping block. IF you see that it has deep cut mark than it's time to buy a new one or plane it down. Those marks can hide a lot of bacteria that can't be reached when you wash the block.

To be even more sure that you are cutting on a clean chopping block surface, you can buy a special oil which will keep any product made of wood very clean.

The main advantage of using a plastic chopping board is that you can clean them in a dishwasher. Therefore it's a lot easier to clean than a wooden one. Even if it's not so nice looking as a wooden one, they are also a lot cheaper. This way you will be able to afford to buy more chopping boards. Wood usually is more expensive.

Chopping blocks can be bought online or from a shop. If you buy it online you have the advantage to look at more models than visiting a bricks and mortar shop, which may well save time in the long run.

Make sure you have at least two chopping blocks in your kitchen . This way if one gets broken you can still go on with your cooking. Especially if you choose to have a wood chopping block you should have a reserve. When you see those deep cut-marks you should change it. Be sure that you will not risk the health of your family!

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