Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Way to Help Dogs Live More Years

By Tornoe Rose

Now that you have your dog and have it for awhile, you know how to take care of its needs. You water and feed it every day and then groom it when needed. Do you want to know how to help you dog live for more years? Here is one way to help your dog live for more years.

Make sure to be careful on what your are feeding to your dog. Their food should be carefully paid attention to, so that you are providing all their nutritional needs to them. It has been recommended for a long time not to feed table scraps to dogs. This is because it can make them gain weight.

Packaged dog food is made to watch the amount of fats the dogs are getting. Also you can get dog food geared for puppies, adults, or senior dogs. Each classification is geared toward the stage of development the dog is at.

Your dog also needs water given to it daily. They have hydration needs just like we do. On the market now are watering bowls with reservoirs attached that continuously feed water into the water bowl. This is an easy way to keep water out for your dog.

Groom and brush your dog as much as is called for as far as what breed it is. Your dog usually can be brushed everyday and then give the dog a bath maybe twice a month unless the dog requires it more often. Some get dirtier than others because they are outside a lot more. The dog having a nice, shiny coat shows how healthy they are.

Dogs need exercise just like we do and there are several ways to exercise your dog. You can take them for long walks this gives you exercise too. You can train your dog to catch a Frisbee in mid air; they usually have to run to do this. Have your dog fetch a ball or stick, some dogs will run full out to do this. Many dogs love to swim and enjoy the water right along with you, when you go for a swim in your pool or a lake. They also have competitions for dogs to run courses and do different activities. Some parks now have sections for dogs to go play with other dogs too.

An annual checkup by a vet is required for your dog. There are certain vaccines that the dogs require to help protect them against diseases like rabies. Their ears and teeth also need to be in good health. The dog will have a hard time eating and getting nutrition without teeth. A dog's ears can become easily infected, depending on the breed, when not given proper care. Your vet will show you how to give your dog the correct care.

Love your dog along with following this guide and you will see that your dog lives much longer. With the dog being such a part of the family, it would be quite hurtful for you to lose it, so give it the right kind of care. This way the family can enjoy your dog for a nice, long time.

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