Sunday, October 18, 2009

How To Make Chocolate For Your Family

By Kareechy Ken

Chocolate is consumed in every country and is enjoyed by people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Hundreds of different varieties are available to suit almost all budgets and tastes. We all buy our chocolate from a shop but you can learn how to make chocolate in your own home.

This takes a fair degree of patience and persistence to produce a chocolate that is on a par with our most loved brands.

The first step is to purchase raw cocoa beans. If you do not have a speciality shop that sells the beans then it is best to purchase them over the internet. Once you have a sufficient quantity you need to begin by roasting the beans at a high temperature, at least 400 degrees, for around thirty minutes.

After the beans have cooled down you will need to get rid of their husks as these are not used in the process of making chocolate. Next, using a mortar and pestle, break and grind up the beans until they have a fine consistency. You may notice that they start to become smooth and liquefied.

The mixture should then be heated in a pan for just a couple of minutes before again grinding to ensure that there are no lumps left. If you now have a smooth mixture then you can add sugar and whatever flavoring you desire. Many people choose to add vanilla or a fruit based flavor to the mixture. It is important to make sure that the flavoring and sugar is fully stirred into the mixture.

The last stage is to let the mixture solidify. This is done by placing the liquid chocolate into suitable sized containers of your choice and then leaving them in your fridge until they have set solid.

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