Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Great Thoughts Concerning Kitchen Counters

By Brenda Carly

Your kitchen counter can be helpful in addition to functional you can locate loads of countertops as well as use your counter top for all different things from cooking to parties and holding accessories. Kitchen counters, we all have them but what do you do with yours?

There are a plethora of sorts of kitchen counter ranging from Formica, laminate, granite and metal the choices seem brilliant and endless as well as the prices. Each home store or retail store has aisles and aisles of countertops to look at, touch, see and feel it truly is up to the consumer to choose which one they like better.

One of the most popular styles of countertops is the Formica, Formica can be found all over the world ranging from Spain, North America, Europe and Japan just to name a couple. Formica is known as versatile and to have many color choices.

The most durable of all countertops yet the priciest is granite. Granite has been known to add flair and style to any d?cor as well as it is known for its durability, granite can take some mistreatment without hurting the counter or scuffing it up. Granite is a natural material and gives off a elegant look.

By and large, laminate is the most reasonably priced way to go but it is not reliable or long-lasting. It can be durable for a short time period if you handle it with care and use a cutting board when cutting or slicing vegetables or meats however laminate has a repute of breaking and cracking when hit too hard which leaves nicks and dents and looks unpleasant. Laminate is generally the first choice of countertops when it comes to home builders as a consequence of the price.

A new form of countertop is metal this is durable and looks wonderful it can be found in shiny copper or metallic silver. Metal can go well with any kitchen decoration or style and looks for sleek and modern. Oodles of younger couples are turning to metal because of its trendy look and function as well as price. Metal is typically reasonably priced and can even save money if you utilize recycled metal to complete your ensemble.

No matter what type of style you are looking for, color or material there is something in the market for you. There are a variety of price ranges so you are sure to locate something to meet your budget in addition to your house style.

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