Monday, October 19, 2009

How To Minimize The Damage Of Drastic Dieting

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

I am strongly opposed to any form of extreme dieting. Yet I am aware that some people will do such diets irrespective of the potential harm. Thus, I will provide some pointers on how to minimize the risks with this article.

Now why are extreme diets so dangerous? The biggest down side by far is the massive weight regain that happens because of an altered metabolism. And if taken too far, there can be even worse consequences.

Thus, here is how to crash diet successfully:

1. Understand how to transition away from the diet. The biggest mistake extreme dieters make is to simply resume eating the way they used to once they hit their target weight. Huge mistake. You have to slowly phase out of the diet or else you will rebound with a vengeance.

2. Supplement. You will have to supplement your diet with a high quality multivitamin. Do your research and buy the best one you can get.

3. Do your most important work when you are most alert. Because of circadian rhythm alerting, there are two times during the day when your levels of alertness peak. Identify these times and do your most important work when alertness is at its highest.

4. Distract yourself when the hunger pangs hit. You will feel some extreme hunger pangs with a crash diet. The best thing to do is distract yourself. I knew a wrestler that used to play video game tournaments during the most tough bouts of dieting.

5. Embrace the rebound.You are going to gain weight once you stop, period. Do your best to minimize the rebound, but do not get down once it happens.

6. Short term use only. Sticking to a drastic diet long term is a metabolic death wish. You can seriously alter your metabolism in a very negative way. So make sure you use a drastic diet sparingly for short bursts ONLY.

Crash dieting is very tough. And in most cases it is not worth it. Nevertheless, if you decide to go on an extreme diet please follow the tips in this article so that you can minimize the damage.

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