Friday, October 9, 2009

Current News - Eat And Lose Fat Fast

By Scott Edwards

Just because we want to lose weight doesn't mean that we want to be ostracized from society. This is particularly an issue if we happen to be the family chef; nibbling our own lightweight morsels whilst the aroma of 'real food' wafts under our nostrils! This can be frustrating, so let's look at how we can integrate our weight loss program into regular family meals.

Let's start with portion sizes - whatever's on our plate, if we want to lose weight we should eat less. So find yourself a plate that's about two-thirds the normal size. You won't feel so deprived, because you can still fill the plate when you serve up. Wait until the rest of your family or friends have started eating before you start. Then slowly savour every mouthful you take. (Not only will this prevent you from finishing much sooner than the rest, it will also leave you feeling more replete.)

It should be possible to eat the same dinner as everyone else for several days of the week. Just make sure you eat lots of vegetables, and only serve yourself a small amount of carbohydrate. Also, restrict any side portions of bread and butter! If the family like their puddings, prepare ones that you can have a taste of. Check any tinned fruit you have is in juice, not syrup.

But you can also sneak in the odd diet meal for the whole family. Delicious low calorie meals can be created without anyone suspecting a thing! Fresh herbs make a great addition to spaghetti dishes - and add plenty of mushrooms and courgettes. Instead of oil, use tinned tomatoes and olives for juiciness.

At the supermarket or store, always choose low fat meat and dairy products. After a while, your family will get used to these healthier products and enjoy them just as much. Breast of chicken or turkey is a good choice, especially if you eat it without the skin. Boil or steam potatoes rather than frying. Maris Piper is one variety that has a good waxy consistency. There's no need to add high calorie spreads or butter then.

Watch out for breakfast cereals - some are loaded with sugar so always read the ingredients before buying. Cereal bars are best avoided too - they look like a healthy snack, but most are incredibly sweet. We also probably consume a load of hidden calories in our drinks. Choose sodas with artificial sweeteners, and make them last longer than usual by adding ice.

Wine and beer can be very fattening, so try to limit it where possible. Tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce and ice has a good kick and makes a change. As apple juice is particularly strong in flavour, water it down half and half and serve it in a wine glass for more sophistication!

It's obvious that we're not going to lose weight if we continue as we are. But it's amazing how a small shift here and there can dramatically help along the way.

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