Thursday, October 22, 2009

Use Stevia And Diabetes Together

By Kelly Sarr

There are a record number of people these days that have diabetes. It is a hard illness to have because you cannot have the same type of food that you are use to. One way to satisfy your sweet tooth is to use the sweetener called Stevia. It is not full of artificial ingredients or chemicals like the other artificial sweeteners. It is even sweeter than normal sugar and the other artificial sweeteners. But remember, it is very sweet so you just need a tiny bit in comparison to the amount of sugar that you would normally need. Stevia and diabetes actually compliment one another.

It is also a much healthier alternative to sugar and alternative sweeteners. There are not any calories. It has a zero glycemic index. For those with diabetes Stevia is a great choice. Many people that have diabetes still crave sugar so Stevia is a great way to satisfy that craving without getting sick.

Stevia is used in South America. It comes off of a South American bush. This mean that it is very natural. It can also actually lower the insulin levels and help the body to respond normally to glucose. This works very well for those with hyperglycemia.

Stevia lowers blood sugar in the body. It can also lower blood pressure. Your heart will stay very strong and healthy while you use Stevia. Overall, Stevia is very healthy for just about anyone.

If you take medications or are pregnant or breast feeding then don't use Stevia. It can cause issues with certain medications. You should ask your doctor if Stevia is right for you.

Stevia can really help those that suffer from diabetes. It is helpful as a health supplement. If you have diabetes you should try it. It can lower your sugar levels and make your body more healthy.

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yodasmith said...

Stevia is awesome! I use SweetLeaf stevia. It's the only stevia brand that only uses pure water during the whole extraction process, the good taste o the leaf remains. It also has 0 calories, 0carbs, and of course, a 0 glycemic index--I understand the only stevia brand or sweetener on the market with all three properties!