Friday, October 23, 2009

Now Stop Chewing The Fat, Loss The Fat, Free Tips To Loss Fat,

By Christopher Rom

Try to cut back on fat, here are several tips to not chew the fat in your diet.

"Now hold the Mayo!" or at least use half a tablespoon of mayo packs in 80 to 100 calories and from 10 to 13 grams of fat depending on the brand!

The reduced-fat varieties of mayo have become more satisfactory in taste over the years.Other alternatives include fat-free condiments like: salsa, chutney, pickle relish, mustard, or horseradish.

"Do try other foods" Trying a new ethnic food to keep things interesting and a lot of the different kinds are healthy for you? Mid-east restaurants have healthy entrees, such as: baba, ghanouj, rice pilaf, dolma, lentil soup, and kufta.

"What about the buttertins" Top toast with a tablespoon of regular butter and you've already downed an extra 10to 12 grams of fat before your day even starts! Switch to yogurt-based spreads, orfruit butters (like apple butter),reduced-fat margarine.

"Steer clear of the Bread Basket!" Watch your carb-intake. But if fat's your foe, munching a bread stick or a roll before your meal can help your weight loss efforts by curbing your hunger and possibly preventing over-eating.

Next "People just Love Salsa!" You have been told one reason people adore salsa, but it is naturally fat-free.It tops lots of foods deliciously in lieu of higher-fat condiments: baked potatoes; grilled chicken; salads; snack crackers; and of course, chips.Treat yourself to freshly-made salsa by mixing together diced tomatoes, green onions and chilies, and cilantro.

"Have half a Lunch" A normal slice of bologna has about 11 grams of fat. The reduced-fat varieties of lunch bologna have less fat content. Chicken and turkey are naturally lean and better for you also and the taste has become better over the years, But most processed lunch meats can contain around 80 percent of there calories from fat. Plus are very high in saturated fat. So in favor you can get deli meats or poultry and yes the price might be a little higher but maybe that will help you.

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