Saturday, October 31, 2009

Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift? Give Something Warm, Sweet and Something That Always Brings a Smile

By Olivia Brabennt

What could be better than nibbling on some chocolate- that savory, creamy concoction that is adored all over the world? Drinking chocolate without a doubt! Most people, in just about every corner of the world take pleasure in curling up with a pleasant, warm mug of hot chocolate and we all know when it comes to gifts, hot chocolate gift baskets are one of the most loved gifts to give and receive.

For many individuals, sipping some hot, steaming chocolate is the only possible way to get rid of the winter chill and get warmed up from the inside out. Nothing is comparable on a icy winter's evening. Chocolate is so respected that is has become part of our holiday traditions - featured in skating outings, sledding, skiing and vacation celebrations and gift giving. And hot chocolate gift baskets are a big hit every season.

Hot chocolate was one of the many discoveries of the New World during the Columbian Exchange. Hot chocolate was found to be a drink so strong by the Aztecs that it was kept exclusively for royalty and non secular ceremonies. (Montezuma reportedly used it as an aphrodisiac).

And Signore Giovanni Casanova considered chocolate to be an indispensable part of any courting. The famous womanizer always carried a special box of chocolates that his lady friends simply could not resist. Besides, Casanova thought that the secret of his sensual prowess laid in a habitual daily cup of hot chocolate.

And for those not trying to woo the object of their affections, businesses, large and small as well as individuals, friends and family give hot chocolate gift baskets as one of the most beloved holiday treats.

There are even some people who consider hot chocolate to be so good for them that it is sort of medicinal remedy as it gives them an instant lift in spirits. Still other people, just like to relish a cup of warm and creamy chocolate because they enjoy the taste and it brings to mind many wonderful memories from their childhood.

Not only do some people consider this beverage to be good for them, but also, there have been many cultures around the globe that have used and respected it as a food of the gods and as a remedy with healing abilities. It is only recently that there was a study done in the Western world that backs up this very idea. Lately, more and more information from research studies has been appearing about the health benefits and beneficial elements that are found in cacao, which is what is used to make all the fantastic fine chocolates the world enjoys today.

If you think you are lapping up hot chocolate for health or just as it is delectable, doesn't really count. Just enjoy it on your own or offer a friend, family or co-worker a hot chocolate gift basket and stock up for yourself as the weather turns wintry.

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