Monday, October 19, 2009

Reidel Wine Glasses: Spice Them Up With Decorations

By Barbara Tomasses

It happened on a Saturday night. You hosted a wine tasting party for a bunch of 12 chums, and everything went perfectly. Well, just about everything. It did not take you exceedingly long to find out that, while you had the perfect combination of cheeses, crackers and reidel wine glasses, folks were continually confusing their glass with some other person's.

You were embarrassed, particularly when that fact became the thing that just everyone joked about. Now, you are planning another get-together and you want to avoid this issue with reidel wine glasses decorations, but how does one begin?

Purchasing Reidel Wine Glasses Decorations:

Just about each office store carries reidel wine glasses decorations. They literally look like tiny earrings with different charms on every one and are built to go around the stem of the wine glass to mark it as individual for different guests.

These charms are commonly sold in packages of four or 6 and cost anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars depending on where they are purchased, the material they are made of, and how ornamental these reidel wine glasses decorations are.

One of the most creatively fun concepts to engage in, for a grouping of best friends, is to create your own reidel wine glasses decorations. It is splendidly simple and they're going to love it.

In fact, you will even consider sending the customized charms home as party favors. All you've got to do is go to your local craft store and pick up stainless steel or nickel plated wire ring findings. While you are on the same aisle, pick up some charms that you believe will be great identity markers for your chums, and maybe some beads for color.

When you get home, slide the beads and charms onto the rings, fasten the rings around the stems of each glass, then wait to see the grins on everyone's face as they realize how much trouble you went to simply for them. Probabilities are, they can all immediately forget about the last time and will just enjoy the personalized attention you have put into their evening.

Or, if you prefer, you can drop all of the newly made charms into a basket and have each person pick out their own charm at the beginning of the evening; this way, you know they may spot the charm and will not be as sure to confuse their reidel wine glasses with someone else's again.

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