Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fighting Diabetes the Natural Way

By Jesse Regan

Diabetes is a disease that has affected many people nowadays due to the unhealthy food being vigorously endorsed. Furthermore, the sedentary lifestyle prompted by computers and TVs has only added to the risks of getting it. Its name in medicine, diabetes mellitus, connotes the huge amount of sugar glucose in the body and the helplessness of its insulin in dealing with the fats and carbohydrates acquired from food. The disease is known not exempt any specific age group but those who are overweight and middle-aged run the risk most.

Diabetes has to two types but it is the Non-Insulin Dependent Adult Onset Diabetes or Type 2 that hits many people. Anyone with a Type 2 diabetes is no longer able to produce the necessary insulin from his pancreas. This happens to obese people but this can be combated with the proper diet and exercise. Nevertheless, due to the heavy intake of fat and sugar complemented with an inactive lifestyle, many households run the possibility of having, at least, one member acquiring the disease.

Many prescription drugs to cure diabetes can be bought from any drugstore. However, some of these are known to produce discomforting side effects when taken regularly. On the other hand, another viable remedy for diabetes is through the natural method, one that does not require a prescription from a physician and does not hurt the budget too much. In many countries from where these came from, these have been commonly used as remedies. If taken along with a daily exercise plus a low fat and low carbohydrate eating habit, these natural remedies can be potent.

Magnesium, which green and leafy veggies are rich with, is one natural remedy. This is known to put a stop to the rising levels of blood sugar, to strengthening the immune system of the body, and to prevent hypertension. Aside from this, experts in nutrition have said that it does spur the pancreas to produce enough insulin to aid the body's metabolism. You should, however, take caution in having large amounts. Magnesium, in large doses, can make you suffer problems in breathing, nausea, and diarrhea.

Cinnamon may seem related to sweet recipes but, in fact, it is another remedy nature provided for diabetes. It has been the subject of several medical experiments and the results only proved that is indeed able to lower blood glucose levels by about ten percent. In addition, it was also able to reduce the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, making it a remedy for obesity as well.

The obvious thing is that remedying diabetes naturally also obligates the patient to have a healthy diet. His richest source of nutrients are not anything with refined sugar but are of vegetables and fruits that have the vitamins and minerals that can reduce or, at least, control the levels of blood sugar. The vegetables highly recommended are cucumber, celery, and string beans. A diet of such vegetables plus an active lifestyle is important against diabetes and obesity.

These are only samples of great information about healthy diet respites that you can find online.

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