Monday, October 5, 2009

A Basket Full of Wine is an Ideal Gift for Anyone

By Kim Allarie

A wine gift basket makes a wonderful gift to buy for friends, family members or colleagues, particularly for those who are somewhat hard to shop for. Wine gift baskets are filled not just with wine but also with foods and other treats that go well with wine. They're perfect for gifting even to those who don't really indulge in wine-drinking. For that delicious port or vintage red wine that you'd like to gift to someone special, displaying it in a wine gift basket would only improve the presentation.

Wine gift baskets are among the finest of an already choice set of choices. Full of fresh fruits, cookies, nuts, and more they make for a present that will be remembered long after the outstanding Chablis is consumed.

A wine gift basket may hold just the vintage you've been on the lookout for. Everything from a creative Cabernet to a zingy Zinfandel can be found tucked away among a dozen other delightful treats. A wine gift basket can hold that prized Syrah you've been dying for months to try. Or the focus might be a quirky new Gewrztraminer you learned about at a get-together the other day.

The wine gift basket can include bottles of wine in any size; the hotel miniature ones are especially nice to get. It could actually be full of a combination of wine varietals in these small sizes so you can sample a bit of each.

But the wine itself is only the start. A wine gift basket is filled with customary and imaginative goods. Delectable gourmet crackers rest beside tempting truffles. Chocolates complement a fine Sangria. Dried apricots and other fruits are the ideal accompaniment to a stellar Chardonnay.

If you know someone who is a fan of Brut Champagne, then you may want to consider adding it to a basket. Adding several gourmet cheeses to the basket will almost certainly complete the basket for a fantastic gift that will be a big hit.

The baskets themselves are also not run of the mill designs either. You can get well made, fabulous-looking baskets made from dark wicker, contemporary metal and porcelain to suit any occasion. For a business associate, a plastic composite gray style would be perfect. Look around and you'll find an endless assortment of wine gift baskets to choose from.

Wine gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion. An anniversary is the perfect time to deliver a great vintage. Celebrate with a glass while you munch on a gourmet cracker. There is no better time than a promotion at work to deliver that great Rose partnered with a fine garlic bread stick.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or even a corporate event, you'll find that a wine gift basket is a wonderful idea. Everybody will be pleased with it, and it will be a gift that they remember for years and years.

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