Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cuban Cigars Can't Be Beat

By Julio Gonzales

Around the world, the cigar smoker should definitely agree that they have not experienced the satisfaction of smoking the finest cigars until they smoked the Cuban one. The main reason behind this finest quality is that the Cuban cigars are hand made one at a time. The selection of the tobacco leaf is watchfully done, cleaned taking appropriate measure and dried. Finally, rolled them through a very intricate process and following high quality instructions to dig up that strong and tasty flavor which keep the uniqueness of each Cuban brand.

The reason may be due to the fact that each of the Cuban Cigar is very carefully made manually (by hand) and individually with special care. They are not manufactured like other cigars which are normally made with the aid of machinery.

Instead they undergo a very attentive and a delicate process which is as follows: first a perfect tobacco leave is selected; it is then cleaned thoroughly and dried; the final process in the manufacture of the cigar is very elaborate which follows a very high quality regulation to make the Cuban Cigar Brand have its strong, tasty, one of a kind flavor. The produced Cigar then results in a unique, unforgettable smoking experience which impossible for the smokers to ignore or leave it unnoticed.

One of the most well-known Cuban Cigars known as the Cohibas has very tantalizing and flavorsome cigars that appear very tempting to all the smokers worldwide. There are also many other unique and famous brands which include Montecristo, Partagas and many others. There are plenty other cigar manufacturers who play a vital role in making Cuba a very important, awarded and a very well known tobacco supplier and producer of the world.

The Cuban cigars have become notorious amongst reunion of friends, elite company gatherings which are exclusively for wine and after great meals. They are number one in the list of the finest tobacco provider and number one in the list of cigar smokers. Cuban cigars- quality and taste guaranteed!

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