Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flavia Helps the Environment

By Steve Jackson

Flavia is a brand of drinks machines and drinks from the worldwide food corporation, Mars. As part of their ongoing quest for sustainability in the environment, Mars has implemented its Thirsty for Change programme, which Flavia proudly supports through providing machines and drinks that adhere to the programme.

Flavia's main drinks machine, the Flavia Creation 400, was built from scratch with energy efficiency and sustainability at its core. One of the innovative features that was built into the machine from the outset was that it only heats enough water to make a few cups at a time, rather than heating the whole tank and wasting energy as a result.

As well as this, the water that is used by the machine is heated to exactly the right temperature, rather than being boiled as in other manufacturers' machines. This has led to Flavia being one of the most energy efficient drinks makers in the marketplace, according to independent tests.

And it's not only the environment that is helped by these features. As the machine doesn't heat the water to boiling point, and only heats a small amount of water each time it is used, you save on electricity, thus reducing your bill. So saving the environment can also involve saving you money.

Another feature of the Thirst for Change campaign is a commitment to reducing waste. Mars have identified three key areas that they wish to tackle to reduce waste - packaging, drinks, machines. They've developed each area of their drinks machine business with sustainability in mind, and have developed new programmes for customers to help them achieve these goals, too.

As with the whole of the environmental sustainability movement, Mars has adopted the policy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Specifically with their Flavia brand, they've developed the machines and drinks cartons to be both manufactured from reusable materials and recyclable down the line.

A further strand in Flavia's decision to help sustain the environment, is to ensure the ingredients for their drinks are only sourced from sustainable businesses, that operate responsibly wherever they are in the world. This includes working closely with organisations such as Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance.

The Thirst for Change programme, then, including the commitment from Flavia, ensures that the drinks machines and the drinks themselves are as friendly to the environment as they can be. And Mars's dedication to this also extends to getting their suppliers on board with the sustainability message.

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