Sunday, October 4, 2009 Analyzes Beef Development Situation

By Christina Xia, one of China's leading B2B industry websites, analyzes beef development situation.

With the improvement of economic level, beef consumption gradually coming into people's life. Data shows that the recent 15 years, beef consumption in China has been growing rapidly. In 1980, the per capita consumption of beef is 0.5 kg; to 2008 it has reached 5 kg. China's beef demand market is vast, beef industry has enormous development space and potential, but the recent 10 years national beef grow slowly. In 2008 China produced 7.9 million tons of beef, cattle breeding stock keep unchanged in 15 years, the beef gap becomes more and more large.

In addition to lack of volume, the greater problem is the quality. Korean beef and Japanese beef, per kg up to 900 RMB, or higher price, which price is several times than majority of domestic beef. The basic reason is that Japan and South Korea central finance invested large money for their own national cattle breeding and industrial development, so that Korean cattle, and Japanese cattle famous in world.

While the other hand, the domestic beef market, China's 54 kinds of cattle breeds resource materials preservation volume ranks first in the world, but the cattle resources have not been fully studied, the overall level of breeding technology lagged behind the leading countries in 40 years to 60 years.

In China, cattle and cow industry started at the same time, but the cattle industry's technology research and development capabilities and the pace of development have lagged behind in the cow industry. As lack of national strategic layout, beef industry is displaying the characteristics of scattered and weak, which led to the cultivation of new varieties, could not focus on the formation of the power and input.

To sum up, China's own high quality cattle breeds whether could eventually formed into an industrial scale, which need to overcome many challenges.

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