Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Magic of Chocolate Gift Baskets

By Kevin Lance

Chocolate has been considered the food of love from centuries ago. Chocolates and anything associated with them, be it chocolate gift basket is symbolic with love, affection and passion. Studies have proven that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and it can keep your heart in good condition. If your lover gifts you a chocolate gift basket then your happiness will have no bounds thus making your heart pump faster and in a healthier manner.

Under careful and scrupulous study by nutritionists and scientists, who themselves purchase chocolate gift baskets from manufacturers, for the purpose of study and lab tests, something beyond conventional belief has been discovered. The evilness of chocolate seems to fade as this scrumptious food has been found to have nutritional values. They are particularly found to nourish the cardiovascular system of the human body and the blood vessels.

Apart from the delicious taste the chocolate gift baskets offer, they bring along with them a plethora of flavonoids. Medically, flavonoids are known to be powerful antioxidants. The antioxidants are found to be present in nature only in cocoa (chocolate is obtained from the beans of cocoa), red wine and green tea. Also, the discovery that the amount of flavonoid present in cocoa is three times more than that present in the other two(green tea and red wine) has made the chocolate gift basket a healthier option than green tea or red wine.

The blood vessels and heart definitely benefit from the chocolate gift basket. This is because the flavonoids present in the chocolates help the blood vessels to contract and dilate in a more effective manner thus regulating the blood pressure efficiently and keeping the heart less stressed out. Another advantage of chocolates is the magnesium and copper present in large amounts in them also help in moderating the blood pressure and heart rate.

Anemic people can also start requesting chocolate gift baskets from friends as their birthday presents since it was also found out to help treat anemia, including kidney stones. Chocolates also boost the immune system and improve digestion as well.

One thing to note is that studies state that these health benefits are only confined to dark chocolate. The more impure the chocolate gets or the more processes it undergoes, the lesser these benefits become.

This would dishearten people out there who love white chocolates. However, manufacturers are experimenting to retain the flavor of milk chocolates and the health benefits into the dark ones. So, start shopping for the chocolate gift baskets which the producers are bringing out!

So if you want to give someone a chocolate gift basket, then go ahead without feeling guilty about the so called factors being detrimental to health. Remember chocolates, especially the dark kind is good for the heart and thus overall health. So the little darlings in your chocolate gift basket are not only lover friendly but also heart friendly.

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