Saturday, October 3, 2009

Observe The Five Top Weight Loss Rules

By Andrea F Henderson

I read once that "all diets work" and all diets will assist you to "lose" weight. The difficulty is that instead of maintaining the weight loss we often go back to our bad eating habits and gain all of the weight that we lost back again. I I didn't agree.

As a seasoned dieter I have attempted many weight loss programs that just didn't work. I would follow the program rigorously but the scale would not budge. On some of these diets, I could follow perfectly for months at a time and never lose a pound.

It is a biological thing for women. Men are always able to lose weight and gain muscle easier and faster than women because women are biologically programmed to hold onto the fat. In the rare event of a famine our bodies are programmed not only to keep us alive but also to keep any babies that we may be carrying alive. Biologically it is just more difficult for women to lose weight.

But as you go you learn what works for weight loss and what doesn't. Here are the top five weight loss rules for bodies that are resistant to losing.

The first rule is simple. You have to eat. You must eat at least 3 meals and even as many as 6 small meals a day. Eating at regular intervals keeps you blood sugars level and it keeps you from gorging and eating everything in site later. Your metabolism will keep burning calories if it knows there is no shortage. If your body thinks it is starving your metabolism will shut down and your body will conserve the fat.

The second is to consume only quality food. That means nutritionally dense food that will benefit your body. Eating food that is deficient in nutritional value is a guaranteed way to pile on the pounds. Also many cravings are actually caused by a nutritional deficit so steer clear of any food that does not provide decent nutrition.

The third rule is to eat protein with every meal. Protein is digested slower than carbohydrates and it will not create a sugar spike in your bloodstream. Eating protein will keep you fuller longer and you will end up consuming less later on.

Fourth rule is to choose quality carbs. Simple carbs, like donuts, cakes and sweets of any kind and anything that is made from white flour will spike your blood sugar, which will create more hunger, and it will just cling to your fat deposits. Complex carbohydrates have fiber and nutrients that benefit your body. Complex carbohydrates include whole grains and vegetables.

Fifth is to begin an exercise program. Start moving. Take the stairs. Take a walk. Move more. You can start slow and work your way up but exercise is crucial for long-term weight loss success.

Long- term weight loss has to be a lifestyle change. Few people who have had weight problems in the past are able to just lose it once and be done with it forever. It is an everyday, lifetime commitment. But if you commit to these rules most of the time you will be on your way to permanent and healthy weight loss.

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