Saturday, October 3, 2009

Using Display Cabinets to Showcase Your Precious Items

By Lenny Amoore

Mainly used in retail or restaurant settings, display cabinets are a helpful way of showcasing what products are available to the consumer. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, generally they involve a pane of glass behind which something is displayed. The cabinet can be free-standing or mounted to the wall.

Display cabinets come in handy at museums, and indeed are usually the way precious objects are exhibited without having the public manhandling them. The object can be displayed under or behind the glass, with a description of the history or other useful information written next to it. For especially expensive objects, the display case can be activated with a security system so that if someone gets to close or touches the glass, an alarm will go off. In the case of jewellery or extremely rare items, this is mandatory in many museums.

In restaurants, display cabinets can serve a very important role. The days specials can be showcased to the restaurant patrons. Usually they will be used just for dessert displays, because they keep the pastry items free from dirt or grime, and can be set up in an eye-pleasing manner. There are different set ups in restaurants including rotating pie cases. If there is too large of a range of pies for a simple freestanding cabinet, the rotating pie case can offer more room, with a pleasing and dramatic effect that is sure to get customers to order that extra piece of pie.

Retail is an environment that uses display cabinets to great effect. From window displays with mannequins to displays near the cash register, this is a fantastic way to draw the consumer's eye to something you are trying to sell. This is also helpful for deterring theft, such as higher priced items like jewellery or watches, which can be locked up but still out on display.

In order to make the best use of display cabinets, it's important to clean them frequently. Nothing mars the effect of a beautiful ring or piece of cake on display like greasy fingerprint markings blocking the view. Special lighting can also be employed to heighten the effect of elegance and style. They can be composed of all glass, or a combination of wood, metal and glass. Different sliding drawers can make for a way to mix and match the objects. At the end of the day, the sky is the limit when using a display cabinet.

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